Monday, January 23, 2006

journal of a wanabe photographer: 001

i prefer taking pictures when people dont know i'm taking pictures. let things be the way they are and snap away at whatever apeals to me. most of the pictures that have come out as a result of are a collection of shots, in which, if flipped through fast enough, the subject seems to be moving. moving pictures of a sort.

sometimes though, when i'm badgered enough, i'll let people model for me.

children at play: my nephew has a habbit of losing himself in his play. in his little fantasy world. we were all there once. but it absolutely facinated me to see him play. i wanted to do a little project on children at play: a collection of moving pictures (i know the term is commonly referred to modern day movies, but i am using it in a different context) of children at play.

my nephew, my favorite model. blissfully ignorant of the camera taking his pictures.

the pictures i uploaded are those minus the blurred ones. and somehow the collection doesn't seem complete. but than, thats just umm sort of like a promo of it. i dont know when i'll complete it.

my sisters, my cousin, my models: its not difficult to see they love getting their picture taken. the only editing that has been done in the pictures is to convert it into black and white.

the lighting effect was done, believe it or not, using a simple table lamp. alternating the glare and moving closer and farther accordingly.

at the moment, i'm not rich enough to afford a stronger light or a proper set.
so duppattas and table lamps have to do.
for now at least.

future project: they say the guitar was shaped after a woman. i want to prove it. compare the shape of a guitar and that of a woman side by side and prove it.


At 10:28 AM, Blogger Faisal Khan said...

Nice pics. I think you talent for taking pictures outdoors is infinitely better than taking indoors. But nevertheless, work more on it and I am sure you can improve on it.

Here is something nice I am sure you will enjoy. Talk about imagination put to good use.


At 7:49 PM, Blogger flying cow said...

i love some of the pictures you have on this page, especially the portraits of your sister and cousin.
you've got some pwetty gals in your family there.

thanks for dropping by my blog. you are more than welcome to link to whichever one you want,
the cow bulletin or photo h2.

hope to see more of some of the fab work here.


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